Central Dauphin East Youth Boys Lacrosse, CD East Jr Lacrosse, CD East Youth Lacrosse

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Our purpose is to grow the sport and grow the kids.  Ultimately, we want to be recognized as one of the top programs in the Mid-Penn Youth Lacrosse Association (MPYLA) and make the high schools that we feed more competitive.

We will grow the sport by making it "risk-free" for new players to try out, and more importantly, by creating an environment where our current players keep coming back.  We will focus our recruiting efforts on multi-sport athletes and extending our reach into the CD East schools.

We will grow the kids by teaching and following our core values below.



Our core values are the following:

  1. Good sportsmanship & learn life lessons - Honor the Game.  We would rather be a good sport and lose than be a bad sport and win.
    1. To our coaches
    2. To our teammates
    3. To our opponents
    4. To the referees
  2. Play hard & have fun - everyone can give 100% effort
  3. Get better - learn every practice, every game.  Mistakes are ok.

If we follow our core values, we believe the winning will come.  And winning is more fun!


Last, we feel all players should get meaningful playing time in games - minimum 1 quarter of the game.  If we are playing a good team, the A players will get more playing time.  If we are playing a not-so-good team, the B players should get more playing time.  Over the course of a season, it should balance out assuming everything else is equal.